• MTB Skillz: Workshops Level 1-3 (Beginner - Pro)

    MTB Skillz: Workshops Level 1-3 (Beginner - Pro)

  • MTB Enduro: #Alps Epic Trail Davos

    MTB Enduro: #Alps Epic Trail Davos

  • MTB Local: #EveningGroupRides

    MTB Local: #EveningGroupRides

  • Snowboard Freeride: POW!

    Snowboard Freeride: POW!

  • MTB Trailbuilding: Sustainable Singletrails

    MTB Trailbuilding: Sustainable Singletrails



MTB Guide | Instructor | Trail Builder


.Alpine Tracker is the local bike school in Bern.
Our head guide Al ‘is a certified Swiss Cycling MTB Guide and has over 10 years of interdisciplinary experience of teaching and guiding in various outdoor sports.

We offer private, group and children skills clinics as well as MTB Guiding on interregional and international tours.

Thanks to our many years of experience in trail building, we offer individual advice, planning and training in the sustainable construction and maintenance of singletrails and technical parcours for municipalities, clubs and private landowners.




AlpineTracker is a blog magazine covering topics on mountain biking, bycicles, trail construction, and sustainable outdoor sports.

Contributions in our tour book include short summary information and helpful media content (pictures, videos, GPS coordinates, etc.) to reconnoitered routes, tours, trails and Locations.





Alpine Tracker is “the somewhat different” Bike School. For us topics such as fun & broad sport (sporting promotion without performance pressure), ecological sustainability and the connection between man and nature are at the top of our list of priorities. We support charitable projects and stand for fair wages. We engage professionally and privately for a sustainable life philosophy and support local organizations, associations & associations financially or with free labor.




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Sunny Days & Happy Trails

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1 year ago
Zona Cycling

The true Heros of cyclocross 😬

Verdaderos héroes...

1 year ago
Timeline Photos

Selbst #abseilen ... will auch gelernt sein! 🧗🏻‍♀️

Nebeneffekt: ein breites Grinsens im Gesicht könnte entstehen!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Self #repelling ... needs ... See more

1 year ago
Bikepark Thunersee

Zück dein Portmonnaie wenn dir gute Bike Trails am Herzen liegen.. denn die bauen und unterhalten sich nicht von selber... 🚵🏻‍♂️🚵🏼‍♀️💨⛏👷🏼‍♂️🌲💴

Mit dem Bike von Beatenberg runter zum schönen Thunersee? Endlich ist es soweit und wir starten das Bauprojekt. Der Grossteil des Budget ist zusammen. Hilf uns, damit das Projekt im Herbst 2018 zum ... See more

AlPine @AlpineTracker
Unser HeadGuide Al’ engagiert sich gerne #sinnvoll Spass am Velofahren und mehr Sicherheit im Verkehr! All Inclusiv… https://t.co/vwzn14Jd6h
h J R
AlPine @AlpineTracker
Liebe @BERNMOBIL .. in Vancouver (Millionenstadt) geht doch der Velotransport im ÖV auch .. #flexibel #neversayno… https://t.co/ZhSJKp5sD3
h J R
AlPine @AlpineTracker
#Trails in #Kamloops open! ..after closure for weeks due to #wildfires - sadly we only got one day #riding in befo… https://t.co/BWlEW5t20t
h J R
AlPine @AlpineTracker
Bad taste after climbing trip to #Jasper - By-Law Yogi Bears will hunt for you - don't take a nap in your car!… https://t.co/OL7NnQNUdr
h J R
AlPine @AlpineTracker
Great news for everyone who loves sustainable freeskiing in france! Ski Lease Breathes New Life into La Grave https://t.co/T9wQumzF8K
h J R
AlPine @AlpineTracker
#Littering soll in der Schweiz schneller/härter #bestraft werden.. finden wir Tracker eine #guteSache! https://t.co/4VudLDciZ3 via @20min
h J R
AlPine @AlpineTracker
Tracker Al' spend his sunday #shaping on #Gurtentrail getting those brakebumps fixed and the track #flow again! https://t.co/PX9aWk36Vk
h J R